**Intense Tech with Defense Mech --- LSDj Wave Cruncher Instrument Library!** - Posted March 28th, 2019 by [DEFENSE MECHANISM](https://defensemech.com) *Note: traducción al Español por [Pixel Guy encontrado aquí](../es/biblioteca-de-instrumentos-lsdj-wave-cruncher.md.html).* Hello again and welcome to an extremely exciting edition of Intense Tech! I'm thrilled to share the results of the past few months with you because I believe that an entire new world of sounds is now at your disposal. Come with me as we return to the command line using 4ntler's lsdj-wavetable-import tool from libLSDJ! You may recall from [our previous installment](04-manage-your-lsdj-save-files-with-liblsdj.md.html), which introduced us to the command line and libLSDJ, and the first two articles diving deep into the LSDj Wave Synth. This time we're going to combine these tools to allow you to patch custom waveform data directly into an .lsdsng or .sav file. Over the past few weeks I've begun to build an instrument library to make many sounds available for anyone to use. Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain from the beginning how this works. A few years ago, I happened upon a tool by [DOTCNT](https://soundcloud.com/dotcnt) called "[lsdj-wave-cruncher](https://github.com/iLambda/lsdj-wave-cruncher)." The idea was to take a sample of an instrument, such as a steel drum, and reduce it to a series of 4-bit waveforms compatible with the Game Boy wave channel synth. It's already possible to sample instruments by using LSDPatcher to patch custom samples directly into the LSDj ROM, but with limitations inherent to the LSDj sample kit instruments. Playing notes at different pitches requires patching one sample per pitch. Some sample manipulations can be done but they are not always suitable for tonal monophonic instruments. The [revelation](https://www.penzeys.com) of the wave cruncher is that it turns the wave synth itself into a rudimentary sampler! Instead of generating waveforms using the built-in synth, wavetables can be created from an instrument sample to allow it to be patched into the 16 wave frames of a wave channel instrument. Let's take a look the following example of an electric piano: ![FM E-Piano sample](../media/epiano.mp3) When this sample is put through the wave cruncher, the wave cycles will be reduced to fit each cycle within 1 of the 16 wave instrument wavetables. From there, set the Wave Instrument to Play: Once, and adjust Length and Speed parameters to your liking. Here's a little riff with Length 3, Speed 3: ![E-Piano reduced to 4-bit wave instrument in LSDj](../media/epiano2.mp3) The bad news is that tweaking the sample, the wave cruncher settings, and the wave synth settings can result in a lot of work before getting a satisfying result. The good news is that I've already done a bit of this work for you! I've created a repository on Github called [lsdsynths](https://github.com/psgcabal/lsdjsynths) that contains the synth wavetables as .snt files. Using the libLSDj lsdj-wavetable-import tool will allow you to utilize these sounds in your projects! Unlike kit samples which are patched into the ROM, the wavetable synth instruments are patched into the save file instead, which is handy when collaborating or sharing save files with other LSDj users. Now let's take a minute to go over how to utilize the lsdj-wavetable-import tool. If you haven't already, grab [the liblsdj release](https://github.com/stijnfrishert/liblsdj/releases) for your platform. Place lsdj-wavetable-import and the synth (.snt file) you want to patch, along with your LSDJ save file or .lsdsng file in the same folder. Open a command-line or Terminal window to this location. To patch the .snt file, the commands are as follows: `lsdj-wavetable-import savefile.sav synth.snt 0` This will patch "synth.snt" to synth 0 of "savefile.sav". When patching a save file, only the song loaded in working memory is patched, so be sure the song you want to patch is loaded in the save. Otherwise, you can substitute any .lsdsng file instead of "savefile.sav." Pretty simple! I hope you find these sounds interesting and useful! Feel free to share the results of trying this out for yourself. ------------------------------------------ I hope you enjoyed this tour through the wave cruncher synth library! Thanks to all my patrons for their support. If you'd like to offer support, please consider [joining me on Patreon](https://patreon.com/defensem3ch). It means a lot and it helps me continue to make and host this content, pay for translations, and get your input on what kinds of articles to write next!


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